Alternative investments may offer the yield investors expect

Editor's note

All investors are searching for yield. But over the past few years it has been tough to find, especially in South Africa where traditional asset classes such as equities have underperformed relative to many international markets.

This has posed a significant challenge for investors and especially for financial advisors, as clients demand improved performance.

Unfortunately, the prospects of a significant near-term recovery remain depressed, and advisors may need to look at other asset classes and alternative investments to achieve the returns their clients demand.

Ryk van Niekerk

Editor - Moneyweb

The Alternatives Marketplace Conference 2020 offers an opportunity for financial advisors, institutional and private investors to see detailed presentations of the investment opportunities that 15 leading alternative investment managers offer to South African investors.

These investment opportunities are diverse and include potential investments in venture capital; private equity; unlisted investments; structured products; hedge funds; Section 12J; cryptocurrencies and environmental, social, and corporate governance funds; to name a few.

As the conference will be livestreamed, participants will be able to evaluate these opportunities from their homes or offices.

Moneyweb is proud to be the media partner of this inaugural event, and I believe this conference is set to become a premier alternative investment event on the South African investment calendar.

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