8:00 am – 8:30 am
Meet and Greet by Office of the Premier Official/s, GEMS Board &


8:30 am for 9:00 am
Arrival of Guests

9:15 am
Welcome by School Governing Body Representative

9:45 am
Introduction of Dr. Nonhlanhla by Dr. Stan Moloabi, GEMS Chief Operations Officer

9:50 am
Opening Speech by Dr. Nonhlanhla O. Mkhize, Office of

the Premier Director-General

10:15 am

Soil turning and handing over the cheque by GEMS Board of Trustees & GEMS Executives

10:35 am
Handing out sanitary towels by GEMS Board of Trustee & GEMS Executives

11:00 am
Girls Health Presentation by Ramona Kasavan & Mimi Women

11:20 am
Vote of thanks by GEMS Board of Trustees Deputy Chairperson

11:30 am
Performance by School learners

11:45 am
Finger food lunch